You may also use this for one time gifts. Just chose “one time” on the frequency question and choose “send now”

Step 1.

Visit the electronic giving page by clicking here.  You will see the following page below.  Create an account if you want your gift(s) to be tax deductible.

new giving


Step 2

Fill out the amount, what day of month you want it to come out and when you want to start giving.

new giving3


Step 3

Next choose what frequency you want to give (monthly, yearly etc)  and payment type.  ACH is automatic bank draft, the others are credit cards.  Confirm everything and your done. Well almost.


Step 4

Thanks for your support!  However we need you to do one more thing.

Fill out this online form or Print (Just click on the picture below and hit print ctrl-p) and fill out the following slip below and mail it to us.

We need you to do this so we can keep track of our target goals and properly report them to AIM.

Thanks  Jeremy and Claudia



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