Ask30 Update

We are praising God for the 12 pledges so far. THANK YOU to those who have stepped up to join our support team.

Our goal:

Over the 30 days of November, add 30 new supporters @ $30 per month.

Below is a picture of /asa and Bau. They are sisters. They only speak Ju/’hoansi. They have no way of hearing God’s Story currently. Will you help us return to Tsumkwe, Namibia to be their neighbors again?

Anastasia will have a special relationship with /asa because they share the same Bushman name.

Ask 30

Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find;
knock, and it will be opened to you.
Matthew 7:7

God is faithful always. Jesus told us to ask, seek and knock. Once we do this, we WILL be given, we WILL find, and it WILL be opened. We must first act, and then God WILL respond.

We knocked at the door to return to Namibia, and God has opened the door. We have been seeking ways to better reach the San once we return, and God has provided us training and mentorship to do just that.


We are asking for God to provide financially for us to return.
Africa Inland Mission will not let us return to Africa until our support it back up to 100%. Currently, we are at 72% of our monthly needs. We need about $1500 more each month.

We are being BOLD and asking, will YOU join our support team?
We are seeking to add new monthly supporters.

The Body of Christ is made of many parts and so is our support team. A lot of people think that churches provide the bulk of our support but that isn’t the case. Only 8% of our current support comes from churches. The other portion comes from individuals, Sunday School classes, and businesses.
We are so thankful for those who have given, continue to give and will give. God has been faithful for our needs.
We are confident He WILL provide now.

We have enjoyed seeing most of you over the past two months in our travels. Many have asked what do we need; and many have voiced a desire to support us. We want to give you the chance. Sooo…

For the next 30 days, we are seeking
30 new supporters who will
pledge to support us @ $30 per month.
This is just $1 per day. Will you join us in reaching the San people?

Click here to become 1 of the 30


Sitting under the heavy rains yesterday of Hurricane Michael I was reminded of the rains we receive in the rainy season. The thunderstorms are huge and violent with strong winds. The rains pound so hard on the metal roof you can talk. The desert floods in a minutes. These are the seasonal rains of the Kalahari. Although they bring danger and temporary discomfort we are grateful for the life they bring to the desert for a few months.

Clicking in the USA

The past four days took me to Richmond, VA to a conference on Oral Bible Translation.  The SAN are an Oral culture.  Most can’t read or write and they pass on culture and history orally.  So as we look for tools to engage them with the gospel, I went to this conference.  It was a blessing to be there as a group from Namibia, Botswana and South Africa were also there.  I had just arrived in time for evening meal and sitting in the cafeteria I noticed a similar looking face.  I said to myself that is a Bushman in the U.S.  So I went over an introduced myself.  We clicked a little, greeted each other and found out we share the same Bushman name, so automatically that means we are brothers. Daqm is living just across the border in Botswana working on an Oral Bible Translation project but grew up in Tsumkwe.  The conference was great and I walked away with a greater understanding of how to move forward in an effective way.  The goal is to engage the Bushman with the gospel and to do that orally we will have to think outside our western culture box.  I look forward to exploring all the orality methods that we were exposed to and most importantly I look forward to the coming days where the Bushman are encountering scripture in their own language and sharing it with each other.


Fun Fact Friday: oral people

The vast majority of people who have ever lived are considered oral communicators because they were unable to read a single word. Today, over two billion people are considered oral communicators. In fact, 70% of these adult have no desire to read.

A West African man once said, “When we hear something we put it in our hearts. Our hearts are our books.”

Oral or non-reading peoples learn by hearing, understanding, believing and internalizing information that comes as a narration of an actual event. They teach by example. Their learning style is to repeat or retell what they have seen and heard. Stories, drama and music are perfect communication tools because they can become events.

The differing learning patterns between literate and oral people can create a communication barrier. Matching the learning style of the learner helps promote better understanding.

The Bible is 75% stories. Jesus taught his disciples by telling stories. Storytelling the Bible is simple, effective and powerful.

The San Bushmen are a completely oral people group. They sit around small fires and tell stories to pass on their culture and history.

Currently, we are both reading a book titled Building Bridges to Oral Cultures: Journeys among the Least Reached. Jeremy will be attending the Oral Bible Translation Conference October 1-4 in Richmond, VA. Claudia is unable to attend the conference but she is working through 10 lessons online by Scripture in Use about making disciples of oral learners.

Please keep us in your prayers. We are traveling and are recovering from a 24hr stomach bugs that caused all 3 of us to vomit with diarrhea.