A San Saturday: Endurance Running

Today, we both ran a half-marathon in Ridgecrest, NC as fundraiser for our outgoing fund. It was our first endurance race and we finished well. We might be able to keep up with the San for a while. Thank you for all who gave and prayed for us!!!

Persistence hunting is a hunting technique in which hunters use a combination of running, walking, and tracking to pursue prey to the point of exhaustion. While humans can sweat to reduce body heat, their four-legged prey need to slow from a gallop in order to pant.

Today, persistence hunting is very rare and seen only in a few groups such as the San Bushmen of the Kalahari and the Tarahumara or Raramuri people of Northern Mexico. The technique requires endurance running – running long distances for extended periods of time. Persistence hunting is thought to have been one of the earliest forms of human hunting.

The San Bushmen are amazing people. We are going to learn so much from them.



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