Merry Christmas 2016

Merry Christmas from in the United States. We are here in Statesboro, Georiga celebrating Christmas with Jeremy’s family. Below are a few pictures from last year when we celebrated Christmas in Tsumkwe, Namibia. The tempature was 100+ and we had fresh steak, danced, and played games there. Tonight we will attend a Christmas Eve service and tomorrow church here. Such a vast contrast between the two. We still haven’t heard any news about our visa appeal and have delayed our return flight to Africa a month to allow the government to return from holiday vacation.

Merry Christmas and may your time this year wherever you are on this planet be blessed.

Christmas at Eagle Post last year in the Kalahari Desert
Our humble Charlie Brown Christmas tree last year.










A freshly killed cow, cutting fresh stake for the grill.
A freshly killed cow, cutting fresh steak for the grill.
Uncle and Tsaba receiving our Christmas gifts to them.
Uncle and Tsabba recieving our Christmas gifts to them.










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