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Fun Fact Friday: Kwale county poverty

Kwale county looks like a true paradise: palm-fringed tropical beaches overlooking the deep blue Indian Ocean. The area is located on the coast south of Kenya’s second largest city Mombasa and stretches all the way to the border with Tanzania. The seaside village Diani is the main beach destination in the country. However, looking beyond the beaches, the poverty in Kwale’s interior cannot be missed. Almost three quarters of its 650,000 inhabitants live below the poverty line of less than one US dollar a day. This makes Kwale one of Kenya’s poorest counties.

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Fun Fact Friday:  The nearest gas station outside of Tsumkwe is only 270km or 177 miles away.  That is also the nearest grocery store.  You think you live out in the boonies.

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We have lived in South Africa for over 4 months now and I have noticed how even though they speak English here it’s not the same.  So below I complied a list of English words that mean something totally different here in South Africa.  Enjoy and laugh and be confused like we have been.

Traffic lights are called Robots.   So when someone says you go to the first robot and take a right they aren’t kiddin.

Bakkie is a Truck.  So take the bakkie to the store means truck.

Que is Line.    So we stood in the Que for 2 hours the other day.

100% means good to go.  So as I have talked to people they end the conversation which 100% cheers.

Braai is a BBQ kinda.  Well it’s their cookout.  So to go to a Braai is kinda like our cookout or BBQ.  But not really.

Boot is the Car trunk.    So someone tells you to go put that in the boot, they actually mean the car trunk.

Slops are Flipflops.   Yep

Chop Chop is right away.   So if your talking to someone about doing something right away you say chop chop. Which they would respond 100% (see above)

Flat is Apartment.  So were are staying at the guest flat.

Just now means sometime in the future.   So if someone say I will do that just now they don’t mean right away actually it means sometime in the future.

Lekker means Good.  So someone says that was lekker which they are saying that was good.

Now to tell time is crazy.  So half past means 30. So if it is 8:30 then it’s half past 8.  But you can also say it’s half till 9.   Or  you can also go quarter till or quarter past. Quarter till 9 is 8:45 or Quarter past 9 is 9:15.  I’m so use to saying just the time it’s much simpler.

And to attend an event they say from 7 to 7:30.  That actually means you are suppose to arrive between those times, the event starts at 7:30 it’s not just a 30 minute event.    Confused yet 🙂

So as you can see we have had fun with the different words.  As I have learned how to drive over here on the left side of the road Claudia watches out for the robots on our way to the brai from the flat so we can arrive at half past 6 to watch the rugby match!!!  We are learning.

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Fun Fact Friday: Communication and Goods


At lot of you have asked recently will you still be able to call?  What type of internet will you have?  Can we send you a care package?  The answer to all those are yes!  However we will need to wait until we are in country and settled before we can give you specifics.  What I do know is that we have our skype phone number which is 423-217-4074 that you can call at any point toll free from the USA.  Depending on our location we might be able to answer but if not you can leave a voicemail and at least we get to hear your voice and encouraging words.  Because we will be traveling to 4 different countries over a 3 month span consistent cell phones number might be an issue but skype will fix that.   We do want to stay in touch as much as possible and are doing some research on how we can effectively do that.  We do covet your prayers as we serve at Pathfinders Youth Camp next week!