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As we wait for God to reveal the next step, we have been praying this prayer.

Image result for abiding in christLord, You are teaching me so much about trusting You. Fully. Completely. Without suggestions or projections I’m choosing to embrace the very next thing You show me. I’ll take this first step. And then I’ll take the next. I finally understand I don’t have to fully understand each thing that happens for me to trust You. I don’t have to try and figure it out, control it, or even like it, for that matter. In the midst of uncertainties, I will just stand and say, “I trust You, Lord.” I visualize me taking my fear of rejection from my incapable clutches and placing my trust in Your full capability. And as I do, I make this all less about me and more about You. I replace my fragile efforts to control with Your fortified realities. You are the perfect match for my every need.
I am weak. You are strength.
I am unable. You are capability.
I am hesitant. You are assurance.
I am desperate. You are fulfillment.
I am confused. You are confidence.
I am tired. You are rejuvenation.
Though the long path is uncertain, You are so faithful to shed just enough light for me to see the very next step. I now understand this isn’t You being mysterious. This is a great demonstration of Your mercy. Too much revelation and I’d pridefully run ahead of You. Too little and I’d be paralyzed with fear. So, I’m seeking slivers of light in Your Truth just for today and filling the gaps of my unknown with trust. Amen.

from the end of chapter 5 of Univited by Lysa Terkeurst


The count is up to 439 HEARTS as of this morning. We are still expecting that number to rise as more come in.


We have been overwhelmed by the number for hearts that have come. It has been exciting to wait for the mail to come each day. It really has been encouraging to see our support team in a tangible way. We have laminated them and are currently cutting them out. It is so encouraging to read each one of them. We are excited to have ALL the HEARTS to put up in our home in Namibia to daily remind us of so many praying for us each day. THANK YOU!!!

We are currently still waiting to hear about our visas. Yesterday, we did hear the visas are in their finally stage and hopefully we will know by the end of the month. Thank you for being patient. God’s timing is not our timing.

Please continue to pray for our visa approval and for our hearts to be calmed as we wait.

Just a handful of the hearts received.

Fun Fact Friday: Size and Language

Around 2.5 million people live in Namibia which is the size of the Southeast United States. For perspective, Metro Atlanta, GA has a population of around 5.6 million. There are about 30 languages spoken among the tribes of people. The main tribes in Namibia are Ovambo 50%, Kavango 9%, White Namibian 7%, Herero 7%, Damara 7%, Nama 5%, Caprivian 4%, Bushmen 3%, Tswana 1%, and others less than 1% each which include the Himba people (another unreached people group in Namibia).

A New Year/A Fresh Start

The calendar has turned over. HAPPY NEW YEAR everyone!!!

It is a new beginning, a fresh start. Time to reprogram our brains to write 2019.

Our visa paperwork has been turned in. Now we pray and wait patiently for approval. God has led us down this road and we rest in Him.

It is time to reflect on the past and look forward to the future. It is a time to look at past goals. Those achieved and those not achieved. Now is the time to set new ones whether spiritual, physical, financial, or even mental. Sometimes it helps to write them or tell them to someone for accountability. Whatever goals and change you desire this new year, let’s keep our eyes on Jesus. He is the Sustainer and Provider.

Some of our personal goals:


  • redeem the 7am hour before my day begins
  • listen to the Bible in chronological order
  • be able to run comfortably a 10K by the end of the year


  • listen to the Bible in chronological order
  • start savings monthly again
  • work on my anxiety and finding the calm in the storms of life


  • Enjoy being a kid
  • Learn something new each day

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Merry Christmas

From our family to yours we wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas celebration this coming week.  Enjoy the time with family as we center our hearts around the birth of Jesus and worship HIM.

The Ha3els