Frequently Asked Questions

This is a collection of the most common questions we get asked.

Q: Where will you be living?

A: We will be living in the Kwale district of Southeastern Kenya.  Kwale is the township but we will be located in a village near the township. 

Q: How long is your assignment?

A: Our assignment is a 2 yr assignment with a group of fellow missionaries followed by a few months back in the U.S.

Q: What will you be doing?

A: Our main focus is to build relationships with the DIGO by living among them. And rather than doing we will focus on “being”.  Yes we can do things but we must understand culture and language before we do.  Each team member brings a different skill set. Claudia will be the agriculture specialist and I will rely on my youth ministry background and other life skills as I work with the kids and adults. We are not going to show them how to live but to live among them and learn from them.

Q: What will your living conditions be like?

A: I won’t be able to answer that question until we arrive for a visit in May.

Q: Will you be able to communicate back to the states?

A: We will have access to mail but since it is very remote the mail won’t run everyday! We will eventually have internet access. Email and our blog will be the best way to stay in touch and or contact us. You can subscribe to our blog on the right side of this page and have updates as we post them sent to your email.

Q: When are you leaving the states?

A: We now have a departure date. It’s April 17th 2017 .

Q: What can you take with you?

A: We are limiting ourselves to 4 50lb’s trunks a piece a carry on and our travel bag that must stay with us at our seat on the plane.  We are trying to live simply and to be honest we can purchase most of what we need in Kenya.

Q: Is there a hospital nearby?

A: There is a local clinic and for major emergencies there is a airstrip and AIMAIR is at our disposal.

Q: What money do you have to raise?

Monthly Support is what will keep us in Africa. This is what we will live off of to buy food, clothes etc. It will pay our health insurance, taxes, gas for the vehicle and a portion goes to a contingency fund in case we have to fly home for some reason, a portion also covers the administration cost that our U.S. office has as they support us while we are overseas.  Click here for instructions on how to setup a monthly support pledge.

Q: When you say the DIGO are an unreached people group what do you mean?

A: It means that less than 2% of the population are active Christian’s.

Q: What will you eat?

A:  Whatever they eat along with our simple recipes that we will bring which depends on what food items are available to buy.



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