I was standing in the Kalahari with my new bow and arrow made for me by neighbour. We had just set out a box to give me something to aim at and hit with my new freshly made arrows. We have all heard if you aim for nothing you will hit it. Well that day I hit the box once but it wasn’t for a lack of aiming it was my first time shooting a homemade bow and arrow. I wanted to share with you our Vision or put another way what we are aiming to do over the next few years. You might ask why go and we have answered that question here.

Our main goal is to plant Christ centered, reproducing churches amongst the bushman.
I’ve heard it said that people don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. The first year is spent with just learning culture, and the click language Ju|’hoansi. Just being a part of the community, loving on our neighbours.
Jeremy will start working with the local people on developing an oral bible story set as they don’t have the bible translated into their mother tongue nor can they read or write.
This story set is a great first step and will be a great evangelistic, and discipleship tool.
Claudia along with just being a mom in the village is planning on using farming God’s way to grow vegetables and start small moringa patches to help with nutrition. She will also use her soap making skills to teach about good hygiene.

So we are aiming at something but we also understand our plans aren’t God’s and will be constantly evaluating what is effective as we bring the good news of Jesus to those who haven’t heard it yet.