The DIGO  (Kwale Kenya)

Here is a link to the most up to date prayer information for the DIGO.  DIGO UPDATE

The Digo are an East African tribe, concentrated on the southern coastal strip of Kenya between Mombasa and the border of Tanzania. They have gained income through trade with Muslim Arabs as well as farming and fishing. Their principal crop is ‘manioc’, a small shrub with thick roots that are eaten like potatoes. They also grow sesame, corn, rice, and beans. ‘Palm wine’ is a popular drink produced from the palm tree.

History: The Digo moved to their current location 1000 years ago. Historians disagree as to whether they migrated from Somalia or from Southern Africa. Originally they settled deep within sacred forests in order to worship ancestral spirits and to be safe from warring tribes. Islamic traders visited the coast of Africa as early as the 10th century and had contact with the Digo. The Portuguese explorers came in the 16th century. Many Digo converted to Islam in the 1920s.

Culture: The Digo are Bantu people. They are fishermen, farmers, basket weavers and potters.

Religion: Folk Islam and animism.  The Digo are Muslims and have been very resistant to the Gospel.  Their practice of animism (the belief that non-human objects have spirits) and ancestor worship (praying to deceased ancestors for help and guidance) still have more influence on the Digo community than does Islam. There is obviously a spiritual battle going on for the hearts of the Digo in Kenya.  Satan has put a blanket of blindness on the surrounding believers regarding their spiritual need.  It is estimated that there are only about 200-250 Digo Christians in Kenya.  This means that approximately 0.1% of the Digo population is Evangelical Christians.  There are 2 Evangelical Congregations among the Digo people in Kenya.

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